A typical day in a Sparrow Early Learning Service will be individual to each service and each child

Each Service has their individual room routines displayed in their rooms.  Our Educators will endeavour to meet the needs of the children at all times, for example specific baby and toddler individual routines. If a child is hungry they can eat, if they are tired they can sleep.


Typically you will find our services will do “Family Grouping” at the beginning and the end of the day. This is where all the age groups combine whilst the numbers are lower. For the core portion of the day the children will be in their individual rooms with their room educators.


When you arrive at the service you will be greeted by the educators, your child will be settled into the environment and this time also gives you the opportunity to share information with your child’s educators. The children will be able to freely choose the resources they wish to engage with throughout the day, inside or outside. The educators will take opportunities to intentionally teach or extend on play interests throughout the day. 


Children will be provided with the opportunity to eat throughout the day – whether the service provides the meals or if the families provide the meals. During the middle of the day the educators will encourage the children to rest their bodies – for some children this includes having a midday sleep. Then in the afternoon the children once again will be able to engage in activities and resources inside or outside.


When you arrive to collect your child, our educators will aim to pass on all relevant communication and feedback from the day.