Sippy Downs,Queensland


At Sippy Downs our vision is to create a welcoming space for children filled with awe and wonder; thoughtfully designed for play, learning, creation and social connection.


Families and community are an important part of this Vision.  A child’s
community also includes the natural environment and all the plants and 
animals that share it.

Our Vision is a place for children that honours and respects them as capable, lifelong learners with much to offer and share. 


Each child is a marvel and a joy—a celebration of possibilities; and full of unlimited potential.

Thank you for including us in your child’s journey.




My name is Kylie and I am the service manager at Sparrow Early Learning – Sippy Downs. I have been a part of the Sparrow family since 2019 and have been within the Early Childhood Industry going on 16 years. I have always had a passion for helping young children succeed. Even as a child myself, I loved coaching netball and babysitting children whenever I could. I have a passion for supporting children’s growth and development and empowering children to make their own choices and gain their own understanding of the world around them, while ensuring they are treated with the same respect as anyone else.


My teaching is based on interactions and relationships, opportunities, and the possibilities offered by the physical environment, routines and daily living experiences as well as the structure and flow of the day, and long periods of time for extended play. I believe children are capable and resourceful learners, individuals within a family, culture and community and participants within a learning environment, which needs to be safe, provides opportunities to develop and grow through their interests, and which encourages and supports exploration and experimentation. Children are active learners who need opportunities to make choices about which aspects of the learning environment to focus on.


Therefore, I aim to provide a learning environment that is planned to encourage learning through interactions with materials, adults and peers, where children are encouraged to develop empathy and concern for others, and express themselves using a variety of mediums, some of which are visual and creative arts, music and movement, language, construction, scientific inquiries, dramatic play, literacy and mathematics.


Independence is encouraged and supported by providing children with genuine choice within the daily program; develop awareness of self as an individual and as a member of a group, through individual and group experiences and projects. Children work at their own pace and pursue their interests and ideas individually or in co-operation with others, where established learning centres offer small spaces where small groups of children form valued relationships through their interactions with peers and adults, and clearly defined, well equipped interest areas are arranged to promote independence, foster decision making and encourage engagement and involvement.


The most rewarding aspect of my role is hearing the stories the children tell their families, about their day or something new they have learnt. It is a true reward to see a child immersed in an experience and creating their own ideas and understandings while using a variety of provisions within their day.


I am looking forward to meeting all of the new faces and families joining our growing Sparrow Family!




Contact Sparrow Early Learning Sippy Downs  to book a tour today

7 Ochre Way 

Sippy Downs QLD 4556

Ph. 07 5406 0235



Monday to Friday

6.30am to 6.00pm



  • Qualified chef on premise daily providing fresh and nutritious meals

  • A welcome pack that includes a hat, shirt and drink bottle

  • Nappies, wipes and sunscreen

  • Funded Kindergarten Program - 
    Statement of Fees


Meeting the National Quality Standards

  • We promote an open-door policy where families can visit the centre at any time during operational hours and are offered a walk through and an overview of what we provide and offer as a centre.

  • Once families have completed a tour they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

  • Once enrolled, the orientation process begins.

  • The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family’s needs.