Morley, Western Australia


At Sparrow Early Learning Morley, we are passionate educators and caregivers who provide your children with the best possible educational start in life. We are determined to continually strive and imbibe practices and programs considered to be best practice and which are designed to nurture, educate and support children. We believe all children are unique and we cater to meet their individual needs.

Throughout Sparrow Early Learning Morley, there is a purpose to the design, programs and spaces used. Areas have been created to promote children’s research and autonomous discovery and cater to both individual exercises and interactions within small groups. They also offer opportunity for privacy and quiet experiences ensuring that children receive ample rest and relaxation. We use each space imaginatively and with careful consideration by having a very limited use of commercial toys and by promoting the use of open-ended resources. We nurture a sense of respect for the environment and teach children to live, learn and behave in a sustainable, calm and loving manner.

At Sparrow Early Learning Morley we believe that learning is fun and aim to provide a large range of activities that cater to your child. As educators we are passionate in providing the materials, the environment and the educational support that will enable each child to both consolidate and develop further skills. We encourage confidence in children to learn and express their thoughts and ideas through various cues like body language, art, drama, music, and dance.

Your family is as important to us as are your children so we listen to your ideas and suggestions. Family involvement and participation is highly encouraged and fostered at Sparrow Early Learning Morley. We believe in surrounding your child with love, care and happiness in a safe and nurturing environment.

We employ the very best Educators at Sparrow Early Learning Morley. Our Educators hold qualifications from Certificate III and Diploma in Children’s Services through to BA level Early Childhood Qualifications as well as speaking many languages. Our Educators are professional practitioners and observe closely, listen to children carefully and give value to their ideas and then create strategies to build on their interests.

Our educators:

  • Know each child

  • Support and encourage children

  • Get them to reflect on their learning

  • Allow children to make mistakes and solve problems

  • Research the ways in which children learn and the best practices around 

  • Have a clear vision and positive values which are shared by every one at Buggles

  • Actively listen to the children and respect their ideas

  • Foster children’s creativity

  • Facilitate the time for children to build on their current knowledge and interests

  • Maintain effective and attractive environments for development and learning

  • Value the contributions of carers, families and parents 

  • Long serving team

  • Newly implemented Kindy currculum


Hello, My name is Amanda I am the Service Manager at Sparrow Early Learning Morley.


I hold my Bachelor of Education (specialising in health and physical education), Graduate Certificate of Early Childhood Education and my certificate IV in Business. Whilst I am in my first year of being a Service Manager, I have worked within the sector and in early years education for over 10 years.


Inspired by he Reggio Emilia Approach and theorists that draw upon learning as a social experience, I believe that a child’s education must be a holistic one that includes their whole village. I aim to work closely with all families as well as the Morley community to ensure that every time a child enters or service they feel a sense of belonging, security and read to explore and learn for life.”


10 Cherry Court

Morley, WA 6062

Ph. 08 9279 1173





Monday to Friday

6.30am to 6.30pm



  • Nutritional Balanced Meals Provided 

  • Kindergarten  Program

  • Onsite Parking

  • Fully Air Conditioned


Meeting the National Quality Standards

  • We promote an open door policy where families can visit the centre at

  • any time during operational hours and are offered a walk through and

  • an overview of what we provide and offer as a centre.

  • Once families have completed a tour they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

  • Once enrolled, the orientation process begins.

  • The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family's needs.

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