For information about early childhood and your child's development, have a discussion with your local Sparrow Service Manager who is dedicated to embracing each child's individual needs.


Child Care

Every parent deserves peace of mind that quality care and education is being provided to their child.

Your Child at Sparrow

We are committed to making every child’s experience at Sparrow Early Learning a positive one.

What to Expect From Our Services

We believe in developing effective partnerships with families that will ultimately result in positive outcomes for children.     



The Importance of Early Childhood

Young children learn through play and learn best when receiving quality care.

What Your Child Will Do at Child Care

A typical day in a Sparrow Early Learning Service will be individual to each service and each child

Learning Tips & Information for Parents at Home

Additional information, links and websites about early childhood services as well as tips and guidance for parents.   



Transitions Between Rooms & School Readiness

Successful transitions are supported by collaborative partnerships between the child and their family, the kindergarten setting, the prep setting, Principals and the wider community.