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Quinns Rocks, Western Australia


Our Service is open from 6:30am – 6:00pm, 5 days per week and we offer nutritious meals and an exceptional Preschool program.

The families that walk through our doors each and every day are part of our family. We are a close community within our service and pride ourselves on the relationship we have with our families. Our Educators are hard-working and enjoy having lots of fun with each bundle of joy that arrives at our service. We hold our values very high and strive to achieve the very best we can out of each day. The most important part is that everyone has a sense of belonging and feels safe and secure.

All of our Educators hold either a Certificate 3 or Diploma in Children’s Services. We think it is important to prepare children so they are ready for school and actively engage with local schools by collecting children directly from their class rooms. We drop off and pick up children from 7 local schools on a daily basis using our buses who are fully serviced and have regular safety inspections. All drivers have full licences.

We have a large, well-resourced Service with lots of space to learn and play. Our large outdoor play areas allow for a great opportunity to learn and explore our environment. The most important part is that each day children are able to have the experience of being, belonging and becoming to a wonderful family like environment. Each child is an individual and they are celebrated for this.

We run a martial arts program to promote positive behaviour, interactions and wellness which is run by one of our educators who is a fully qualified martial arts instructor and competes professional for Australia. Our Service also hosts a sports class incursion provided by a fully qualified sports teacher who brings an engaging sports session into our Service for all children each week.

Our OSHC program consists or a range of afternoon excursions to local community places such as libraries and parks. During school holidays we run an action packed vacation care program consisting of exciting, innovative and unique excursions including all food so no hidden costs.


What is your name?

Hayley Morrison

How long have you been working in childcare?

I have been working in the early year’s sector for 9 years spending most of this time working in primary schools both in Perth and in the UK.

What is your favourite part of working at the Service?

Observing and being involved in the wonderful learning experiences that occur within our Service every day.

What qualifications do you hold?

I hold a Bachelor of Education K – 7.

What are you most passionate about?

Child centred learning and the construction of educational programs around the children’s interest that foster the Early Years Learning framework.

What are you most proud of at your Service?

My educations and the hard work, dedication, passion, compassion, innovation, patience and kindness that they bring to their role and put into building relationships with the children and their families.

What is your favourite inspirational quote?

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” – Nelson Mandela.

What inspired you to become an educator?

The impact that I could have on the young mind and life of a child and the inspiration that I could be to young children as they begin their educational journey.

What values are most important to you in your team members?

Honesty, kindness, compassion, passion, innovation, patience and dedication.

What is your philosophy about educating children?

I believe that the children should always be at the Service of their own learning as they are the only ones who truly know what they are interested in and what knowledge the seek ownership of. I believe that we are not here to determine what or how children learn but to simply be the vessels to guide this learning through exploration, discovery and reflection. We are here to be kind, patient, compassionate, understanding and supportive of the children in our care and to guide their educational journey without prejudice or pre-determined ideas. We must be flexible and move where their child’s mind takes us and listening to their voice as it is the only one that really matters.

What makes your team/Service special?

The relationships that we have built here between the staff, the children and the families that walk through our doors every day.

As a child what did you want to be when you grew up?

I have always wanted to be a teacher ever since I began school there was something about education that had me hooked and wanting more.

What is one of your hobbies?

My favourite hobby is to spend precious time with my husband and two young children making memories.

What message would you like to tell parents considering your Service?

Please come and meet us because you need to experience our Service's welcoming environment first hand to understand why our families choose to entrust us with their precious children. Please come and observe the exciting, engaging and child centred activities that take place here every day and witness the deep bonds that the children have with their educators that has been built with time, effort and commitment.


14 Duncombe Court

Quinns Rocks, WA 6030

Ph. 9562 3397






Monday to Friday

6.30am to 6.00pm



  • Nappies Provided

  • Nutritional Balanced Meals Provided 

  • Sustainability Program

  • Fully Air Conditioned

  • Veggie Garden


Meeting the National Quality Standards

  • We promote an open door policy where families can visit the centre at any time during operational hours and are offered a walk through and an overview of what we provide and offer as a centre.

  • Once families have completed a tour they will receive an enrolment pack with all necessary paperwork.

  • Once enrolled, the orientation process begins.

  • The orientation process is an arrangement made between families and staff that supports the family's needs.

Contact Great Beginnings Quinns Rocks to book a tour today