At selected Early Childhood services, we offer Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) for school age children, incorporating Before School Care, After school Care and Vacation Care.

This provides families with the opportunity to access Early Childhood and Outside Schools Hours care in one facility, assisting families with a seamless transition from work to home which supports a holistic approach for Education and Care.

Within the program we provide children with the opportunity to participate in a wide range of activities for learning, importantly the children have a chance to develop hobbies, skills, and interests they might not otherwise be able to explore.

The programs are designed to encourage and develop new interests and shared experiences to broaden knowledge and engage in meaningful interactions.

We value the importance of keeping children in a safe environment and enabling them to feel secure in their environment by focusing on scaffolding experiences and support for the differing needs of the children and young people.

We provide a program that acknowledge and reflect the diversity of the children, we deliver culturally relevant activities and events to build relationships and a sense of family within or service. We utilise our educator’s experiences, skills and cultural background to enhance the programs delivery.

The OSHC Program changes depending on the interests of the children on any given day. Children are encouraged to try all activities and educators support children in the facilitation of play, respect varying levels of ability and the development of individual skills and interests.

In services that offer Vacation Care, the children may have opportunities to experience excursions and inclusions which will focus on providing a holiday experience for children through a range of low-cost activities so parents can go to work confident in the knowledge their children are having fun during the school holidays.  Our focus is on creating fond memories for children, while still providing learning opportunities and inclusive support.

We can deliver an Outside School Hours Care service for your school.

How we can partner with your school to provide a high quality Outside School hours care (OSHC) program on site?

Our key focus is to provide the highest quality of care for each child, we will achieve this by listening to the school communities and developing strong relationships and partnerships with your school.

The benefits of partnering with Sparrow Outside School Hours Care to deliver a service on site:

  • Sparrow has a proven track record in delivering Early Childhood Education and Care including Outside School Hours Care in both QLD & VIC.

  • We have extensive knowledge of the National Framework, My Time, Our Place, including regulations and compliance.

  • We will take care of all of the licensing, start up, and administration requirements of the Outside School Hours Care service at your school.

  • Customer experience is our priority. We strive to make an exceptional impression and take pride in engaging in positive customer, stakeholder and employee interactions.

  • We provide a quality program aligning with My Time, Our Place. Offering a wide range of learning opportunities in a safe and engaging environment allowing children the chance to develop interests, build on hobbies and above all have ‘FUN’

  • Our Educators are child focused, highly qualified and skilled in their profession.

  • We like to work collaborative with your P&C or school committee to support and enhance fundraising, community and school activities, mirroring values and relationships that are important to your community.

  • We are a boutique size organisation that can provide a high level of customer services for families, can address issues or situations in a swift manner, support all operational delivery directly, personally and provide customer satisfaction.

  • Provide a safe and fun focus program, committed to healthy eating and physical activity to promote a healthy lifestyle for all. 

  • We have a co-operative, professional and prompt approach ensuring that we communicate early and often to build a two-way partnership.

  • We will always maintain all relevant policies, standards, guidelines and legislation.

  • Are a Child Safe organisation committed to child safety, wellbeing and development.


We believe that it is very important to develop a true partnership with schools and the local community to ensure that the programs support and complements curriculum, policies and culture. Ensuring we consider the needs, wishes and distinct culture of schools when building the program design.

We engage the school representatives, community, families and children in developing and delivering a high quality, diverse, inclusive, stimulating educational program that offers a range of innovative activities that enables each child to participate and be actively involved.

If you are interested in partner with Sparrow to deliver an exceptional Outside School Hours Care (OSHC) service at your school, contact the Operations Manager for Outside School Hours Care – Melissa Flanders to discuss how Sparrow can add value to your school.

Centres with OSHC

Bunyip Childcare Centre
Sparrow Early Learning Drouin
Sparrow Early Learning Eagleby
Sparrow Early Learning Jacobs Ridge
Sparrow Early Learning
Mount Samson
Sparrow Early Learning
Pacific Pines
Sparrow Early Learning Saltwater
Sparrow Early Learning
Upper Coomera
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