Every child deserves the right to a happy childhood

Sparrow Early Learning is a professional, early education provider offering exceptional early childhood education and care.


The Educators and Leadership Team at Sparrow are dedicated and highly experienced with a passion for providing positive outcomes for all children in their care.


The staff and educators of Sparrow early learning have come together from across the industry to create a unique company that understands the value of creating the best start for our children.

Our Philosophy

We believe that every child deserves the right to a happy childhood.  That’s why we are continuously improving, learning and developing our programs for children.  Sparrow Educators are committed to providing quality programs for the children within their care. Each centre is a focal point within their local community, connecting and building strong relationships to ensure early childhood access for all children.

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Respect & Integrity

Each child has a unique right to be respected, loved and nurtured.  We acknowledge and value each child’s individual needs to cultivate a unique love of learning and participate in a happy early childhood program.

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Health & Safety

The saftety of our children, staff and families is the responsibilty of everyone who contributes to the operations of our centres.  Our centres provide safe and nurturing environments that are well maintained and cared for with qualified staff and educators as well as compliant indoor and outdoor environments. 

Relationships & Partnerships

Relationships and key partnerships are vital in developing an effective early childhood centre.  They say it takes a village to raise a child and here at Sparrow we believe that community is one of the most important influences for children and their families. This is why all of our centres have strong relationships with our families, each other and community connections.


We are continuously growing and improving our centres, staff and educators to ensure each child is provided with the highest quality of care and education.  We have dedicated and passionate staff who always strive to grow and improve their early childhood programs.